Young people need to be physically prepared to succeed in their sporting goals and exercise ambitions. For example a young person may lack the fitness, strength or co-ordination to take up a new form of exercise or an aspiring athlete may lack the speed or power to be competitive in their chosen sport. It is also critically important to prepare a young athlete to avoid injury as the demands of their sport increase.

Strength and conditioning (S&C) training can provide young people with the opportunity to develop both general and specific fitness qualities that can massively increase that person's sporting and exercise opportunities. Furthermore, engaging in regular physical exercise can build a pupil's confidence and develop important behaviours that extend far beyond the sports field with life long benefits. Through our social enterprise we can support your school.

Services for schools

for pupils in Y7-Y13

Strength and Conditioning

We offer year-round or term-by-term S&C programmes for individual sports, athletes, and whole year groups. Programmes are differentiated in clear themes so as to support every pupil in your school no matter their ability or training history.


You will receive printable training programmes that are formatted to make viewing easy on a smart phone and every exercise in your programme comes a video demonstration. All exercises can be performed with minimal or the basic equipment that is typically found in schools. You will also receive a log-in to our online handbook which will massively increase your ability to lead S&C sessions. Programmes are designed to be completed in PE / sport sessions or in extra curricular sessions such as a S&C club.


Programmes can be built in direct consultation with the head coach or PE teacher to reflect the direction and emphasis that your school wishes to have. You can also simply follow the S&C curriculum we have designed.

Professional Development

Through a practical session delivered in your school or virtually over zoom, your staff will be taken through the principles of youth S&C training. You will be shown how to properly instruct the key age appropriate strength training exercises and a series of fundamental movement skills. You will improve your ability to coach plyometrics, speed training and change of direction. You will also be shown how to progress more competent pupils, and how to work with those who require extra support.


Key considerations for delivering S&C to youth populations will be discussed alongside how to assess the progression of your pupils.


We are also able to develop bespoke sessions for your school should you wish to focus on a specific area.

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing can be an important part of a school's PE programme. The results can be used to track attainment, measure individual or group progression and can be used to set training priorities. For example determining whether a pupil or team needs to work more on fundamental movement skills, power or aerobic fitness. We can run your fitness testing for you or we can send you our protocols for you to perform yourselves. We will crunch the numbers and provide you with a detailed report on each pupil, team or year group. The profile report can be given to pupils or parents and could be a valuable addition to the offer of PE at your school.

S&C coaching in your school

Depending on your region we can provide S&C coaching in your school. An S&C coach can be an extremely valuable addition to the offer of PE at your school. Their unique skill set and specific expertise will massively enhance how you are able to deliver S&C training as well as many other areas of your PE programme. Having a knowledgable and inspiring S&C coach lead your sessions can massively improve the engagement of your pupils in an area that is often hard to deliver in schools.

FREE ongoing consultation and support

If you purchase any of our services you will receive ongoing support for the entire term or academic year. This means you will contact Daniel Lavipour anytime you need to ask a question.


Our mission is to help as many young people as possible so we keep costs as low as possible. You may be surprised how affordable we are. Please contact us for a quote.

Free 30 minute consultation over the phone to discuss how we can benefit your school.

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David Fawcett, Head of Physical Education, Swanmore College

"Daniel led the best CPD our school has had in the last twenty years. Full of energy, knowledge, practical examples and passion that has invigorated us to drive S&C in our scho