Strength and conditioning sessions starting January 2020!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I am really excited to offer a six week training block of group strength and conditioning sessions starting in January 2020.

Strength and conditioning (S&C) can make a huge difference to an athlete’s performance and is critical to preventing and rehabilitating injuries. However in many sports, even at some really high levels of competition, lots of athletes do not receive the level of S&C they need. I want to change this by offering sessions that any athlete from any sport can join where they will receive world class coaching.

When I first started competing as a 400m runner 20 years ago, there wasn’t much information on S&C and like most other people at the time, I had to figure out what training to do myself. Looking back I had plenty of injuries and poor performances that certainly could have been avoided with better training. Even now despite an infinite amount of information through youtube, online fitness gurus and instagram etc. the problem of knowing what you really should do is still the same.

For over 15 years now I have worked in Olympic, professional and youth sport across a large number of sports including athletics, kayak, rowing, triathlon, netball, football, hockey, swimming, bmx, sailing, windsurfing, rugby 7s, and martial arts. Across these sports, I have worked with world and Olympic champions as well as beginners and youth athletes. I want to take this experience and make it available for anyone who wants to train. I want to provide athletes with the same support that is usually only available to those in fully funded professional and Olympic sports.

For junior and senior athletes I want these sessions to be a place where you feel part of a community, learn how to train, massively enhance your athleticism and train alongside like-minded fellow athletes who will push you at every session. Furthermore for junior athletes in particular, I want the sessions to build a work ethic that will have a huge impact far beyond the sports field.

If you are are interested in training at these sessions, at a world class training venue with world class coaching, right at the heart of London’s Olympic Park please get in contact. Alternatively if you cant make these sessions but you would like us to arrange S&C sessions specifically for you, your team or your school please get in contact.

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