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Terms and Conditions

On either behalf of yourself or on behalf of any person you are responsible for or booking for: You acknowledge that participating in physical activity has risks of personal injury and damage to personal belongings and that you are undertaking this activity on your own accord and at your own risk. You agree you have provided Performance Ready Ltd with current and correct medical history and conditions that you are aware of. You understand that you may be involved in activity not advised to your medical condition and that you should understand and know your limitations and stop when necessary. You agree to waiver all responsibility from Performance Ready Ltd to the extent by law, for any injury or illness sustained during a session as well as loss of personal property and damage to personal property within the premises.

You agree to indemnify Performance Ready Ltd and its employees from all loss from which Performance Ready Ltd, its employees and contracted staff may become liable for as a result of any loss suffered as a result of breaching any terms and conditions while participating in sessions. Furthermore, any negligent act by an employee or contracted staff member resulting in a claim will be made against that employee and not Performance Ready Ltd.

You consent to being filmed and photographed for use on social media and promotional material however you can verbally or or in writing via email opt out of this at any time.

Performance Ready Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions  without notice. It is the client's responsibly to check changes to the terms and conditions of Performance Ready Ltd and keep themselves updated. Performance Ready Ltd will endeavour to update clients however will not be held responsible if this does not occur. Current terms and conditions for upcoming and active sessions will be available on the website at all times.

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