Through our social enterprise we want to partner with organisations and individuals to support schools:

Performance Ready aims to reduce health and performance inequalities by improving access to world class strength and conditioning support.


The quality and availability of support a young person receives at school can be a key determinant of that individual’s success. Improving access for schools and individuals who would not usually receive support is therefore a major objective of this business.

Typically only elite sports teams, independent schools and higher income individuals are able to work with strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches. This compounds inequalities that already exist in health and sports performance.


From a performance perspective at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic approximately 1/3 of Team GB were made up of athletes from independent schools when only 6.5% of UK school children attend these schools. A major reason for this inequality is the specific training and coaching expertise that state school pupils do not receive. Providing S&C to those pupils who would not ordinarily gain access could play a major part in ensuring that talented young athletes fulfil their potential.

From a health perspective the poorest communities in the UK are significantly more inactive compared to the most affluent and suffer from a significantly higher number off illnesses from preventable causes. This is again in part due to the support that some young people do not receive at school. S&C training can provide the physical skills and confidence a young person needs to become more active. Furthermore the discipline, purpose, and group training environment mean that  for many the benefits extend far beyond the sports field.

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting strength and conditioning in UK state schools please get in contact. Your support will go a long way to improving the health and sporting possibilities for young people.